Steel Homes You’ll Want to Move Into Today

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase or build a gorgeous home today. In fact, thanks to the wonder of today’s steel manufacturing, you can build a stunning dream house for an equally stunning price. Metal buildings have long been the preferable method of construction for industrial, commercial and institutional uses. Today, however, more and more people are choosing to utilize a metal building system as their residential space too. They also promote a more green style of living.

There are essentially three different methods of residential steel construction. The first method involves the framing of the residential structure out of steel studs. This method of construction looks similar to traditional wood-framed construction except the builder is using engineered steel studs instead of wood. The second method involves the use of structural “I” beams. Homes framed with “I” beams are usually architecturally designed and based on a more modern style of architecture. The third method uses a metal building system as the super-structure of the house. The metal building system forms the shell of the house while the interior is finished much like a traditional wood-framed house. The exterior walls of the metal building shell may be metal panels, brick, stone, glass, or etc.

Take a look at these 15 steel homes using a variety of the methods mentioned above … you won’t believe were built with metal.

#1 – The Rustic Farmhouse

Surrounded by towering peaks and rolling hills, this farmhouse is perfect for a family of 3. With a dark and light green exterior, a garage, and a size that’s neither too big nor too small, this is the quintessential “homey” house. Picture yourself sitting on that porch on a warm summer morning, watching the sun rise over the mountains.


#2 – The Small, Yet Elegant Gambrel

This house may only be 1440 square feet, but it clearly proves that size isn’t everything. Think it must look austere on the inside? Think again. Custom woodwork adds warmth and comfort to every room, and the exterior covered porch is perfect for enjoying cool summer nights. And the best part? The cost starts at $21,150.



#3 – The Beautiful Barn Home

This spacious barn home has a beautiful exterior and an absolutely stunning interior. At 36×60, it features a covered garage, living room, dining room, and kitchen just on the first floor. On the second are all the bedrooms and bathrooms, giving each family member a space of their own. The industrial-style kitchen and the exposed woodwork are a particularly nice touch.



#4 – The Majestic Farm Home

This majestic farm home is absolutely out of this world! At a whopping 5,446 square feet, this 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom metal home is truly a marvel. The wraparound porch is perfect for sipping a cold drink on a hot day and the grand interior is ideal for hosting a large party.



#5 – The Metal Mansion

Featuring a huge hobby garage, a man cave, massive living spaces, and more, this is no ordinary home. This is most certainly a metal mansion fit for a king. The exterior palm trees and lush greens add an exotic touch, making it feel like a palace tucked away on an island.


#6 – The Modern Designer Farmhouse

Although this is technically a farmhouse, it is certainly no ordinary farmhouse. Ultra-modern with oversized windows and an incredible open floor plan, this looks more like a Manhattan loft than a country farmhouse. And with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and 3,374 square feet, no one is going to be feeling cramped.


#7 – The Statement Home

This is more than just a home; it’s a statement. This unique metal home is not only unique in its architecture, but also contains a surprisingly luxurious interior, featuring a spacious floor plan, a loft, and exposed I-beams in the ceiling. It’s modern, while also being comfortable and airy.



#8 – The Hunting Lodge

Perfect for the outdoorsman who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle, the simple exterior conceals a warm, welcoming, spacious interior. The wood paneling and oversized great room gives the home a rustic, yet elegant feel, while the taxidermied animals and antlers add a distinct lodge element. Imagine yourself sitting in front of the fire, sipping a cold beverage, and listening to the crickets chirp!



#9 – The Zero Energy Home

Perfect for the environmentally conscious homeowner, this home was designed to have almost zero energy costs. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this home saves thousands of dollars every year, making it easy on the eyes and easy on the budget. And the elegantly minimal interior adds a clean, crisp look, giving the entire home a bright, airy feel.



#10 – The Arched Home

This one is guaranteed to appeal to those who have a quirky design sense. This 24×32 arched cabin would make the perfect vacation cabin for those who want to escape the daily grind. The simple, yet spacious design offers a flexibility not found in many homes, and as the photos reveal, the layout maximizes every bit of space. And with a price tag starting at only $10,000, it’s hard to beat this for economy.



#11 – The House On The Lake

Believe it or not, this stunning home was once a barn! No longer. Now it’s an unbelievable showpiece, a gem nestled against this water. The elegant modern interior adds class and clean lines, while the remnants of the original woodwork highlight the former rustic features. This is truly the perfect blend of rugged and clean. And the lake out back certainly doesn’t hurt things!



#12 – The “Log” Cabin

This spacious 1,600 square foot home gives new meaning to the term “log cabin”. Tucked away in the woods, it looks deceivingly like a vintage home. A closer look, however, shows that this is a spacious home perfect for a large family. The warm interior is accented perfectly with clean woodwork and the loft is ideal for family time. It’s a rustic retreat home fully equipped with all the modern trappings!



#13 – The Modernist Home

All we can say is “wow!” This home, constructed in the serene countryside, shows just what is possible with metal homes. The exterior, while simple and elegant, doesn’t indicate what is found inside. Inside the home is dominated by whites, sharp lines, and minimalist architecture. This is the kind of home every artist dreams of owning. Simple and elegant, modern and beautiful. The perfect place for creating that next masterpiece!



#14 – The Sprawling Ranch

One look at this home and you immediately know why this home won first place in the American Residential Design Award for the Custom Luxury category. The magnificent brick facade exterior blends perfectly with the wraparound porch, and the two car garage only adds to the luxury. The interior is just as elegant, featuring spacious rooms, an open kitchen, and a breathtaking view. This truly is one of a kind.



#15 – The Folksy Farmhouse

At first glance, this appears to be an old farmhouse. A closer look, however, reveals that this is a meticulously recreated farmhouse, down to the white exterior and wraparound porch. At 3,006 square feet, this farmhouse is incredibly spacious while also maintaining its elegance. Featuring a beautiful master bath, sprawling open floor plan, and clean interior, this is the perfect blend of folk and elegance.




As you can see, there is a metal house perfect for every person, whether you’re looking for a spacious farmhouse or a rustic hunting lodge. And thanks to the relatively low assembly cost, metal houses open possibilities not normally available.